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Winter is Coming!

Winter is right around the corner. This means it is almost time to get comfy in those flannel PJs and furry slippers as we get ready to let the cold wash over us.

Getting comfy is something we strive for in our personal lives, but getting comfortable can be a business owner’s downfall.

When business is great (or for some just good) it is too easy to get comfortable. You slip on your proverbial pajamas everyday and do what you have always done. The problem is doing what you have always done does not lend itself to growth.

Winter is the perfect time to break out of that comfortable cycle and give your business a face lift. Many of your competitors will be trapped in the comfortable winter cycle. If you pick this time to try new marketing campaigns, unveil new products and reach out to your customers in new ways, you are sure to get noticed.

Try adding some grays and blues in to your typical marketing campaign to align with the season. Maybe use this opportunity to do a past client promo sending out a personal card to each of your past clients with a coupon inside, but don’t forget your current clients, it could help them as well.

Whatever you choose to do, make now the time to break the cycle and do something different for your company.

Don’t get comfortable in the same old marketing routine! Step out of those comfortable pajamas and back into your power suit!